Flyff Deveoping (help)

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    Flyff Deveoping (help)

    Flyff Deveoping (help)
    Hey guys, I am new to flyff developing. I got a v15 source working but I need some help :)
    I am a developer myself, however I have up to this point focused on other parts of programming than mmo/database/3D developing. Im farily good at C++ but Im having a hard time modifying my source.
    I don't want to copy other peoples scripts to expand my source. I wan't to learn and write them myself. I really enjoy it so far and the soruce changes I have been succesfully made is small. I would really really appreciate If someone with experience could hit me up. Just a few words with some tips and tricks of how to get better at Flyff Developing. Would be really helpful for me.

    If you pass me your knowledge I will certainly pass it forward.

    Much Appreciation