FlyFF Hackers

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    FlyFF Hackers

    how can hacker attack your server? and how to protect your server from hacker?

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    Re: FlyFF Hackers

    It can be severall things.

    1. ddos
    2. Sql Injection
    3. Brute Force attack @ passwords.
    4. Vulnerability inside the source.

    1. Get an good Dedicated server
    2. Fix Sql injections on your website and source.
    3. If its on your website then you can set an timer that if an person has submitted 3x on wrong password it will block it for some time.
    Flyff already has build in brute force. Is it on your server then the server hoster needs to have an timer to.
    4. Fix the source.

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    Re: FlyFF Hackers

    have you been try this before ? , i mean about the security of flyff website and so on , since you already mentioned about fixing source so can you show us what we need to change on the source

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    Re: FlyFF Hackers

    Use Linux, hackers can't hack linux.

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    Re: FlyFF Hackers

    Quote Originally Posted by caja View Post
    Use Linux, hackers can't hack linux.
    Not sure if that was a tongue-in-cheek comment making fun of zealous Linux users, but an inexperienced configuration of Linux is generally less secure than an inexperienced configuration of Windows.

    Also generally there aren't any hackers left in the Flyff scene that will even target your operating system.