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Skills Usage

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    Skills Usage

    Hi players,

    I am wondering do you use every skill of an class you are playing at?

    Example if you are an Psykeeper do you use also the elemental skills?

    I know if you are an slayer you will use some Blade skills. But i guess not all.

    If you play a certain class and you dont use all skills could you tell me what skills you are using the most?

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    Re: Skills Usage

    I don't think people here even play the game anymore lol

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    Re: Skills Usage

    In FlyFF, the only skills ever used besides the aoe ones are buffs and roots.

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    Re: Skills Usage

    Players will use the skill if u make it useful along with your Class balances :) in general fenris is right self buffs skills and skills with stuns etc are most used by both pve/pvp players, but with your post i guess your pointing out probably fighting skills, in my opinion make them useful and players will use it cause simply the more damage the skill does the more useful it becomes to them. to tweak a bit on my server what i did was add some DPS with different cooldowns and different chance stun rates :D anyways this is just my opinion