CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

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    Re: CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

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    Only ep21 that i know of would be korean and we all know they are on ep22, not considering any of variables like what episode it is and how far behind you are in your emulator / code then id say to get into world its a matter of rsa, packet 133 and 142, although with different languages come different character(not talking about playable characters but text characters) encodings.
    PH are currently on episode 21 , i would take a look an try to make it compatible for EP21

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    Re: CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

    Already compatible(just need to change rsa,133 and 142), i guess its on same episode as cabal gsp... Why have they done a 2 or 3 in one i dont know xD
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