CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

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    Re: CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

    @knuckles00 will there be an update for the client_version=518 ?

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    Re: CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenHeaven View Post
    Since i want this said here: why dont you ask for a full server while you are at it...
    As for the level up theres a packet for events such as level ups and rank ups, opcode: 281, now go use ostara to do it
    since i want this said here: Why are you so mad if you are not even the one thats sharing progress?

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    Re: CentrinoGames - Minerva EP18

    I wanted that said here because the admin deleted the post i had made before claiming it didnt contribute anything to the discussion

    PS: Can't share something i dont work on anymore, those who know me know i help (nowadays within certain limits) when contacted or even when im the one contacting them...
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