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    Re: Gm tools

    Gm tools
    Quote Originally Posted by TanGzkie View Post
    as for now its private gotta keep all functions to work ,im a lazy coder so thats why i cant make it in public for now ... and im glad that you would help me in this proj.. :) ,besides its for Rz-Cabal section to grow , i build this project not for my own purpose but also other developers,and cant focus my time with this project cause i have a work to do .. but i will update here :)

    Update :
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    Attachment 165423

    PS: Try not to work at too many things at the same time. You won't finish anything.
    A while ago you also had a launcher in progress :)
    Quote Originally Posted by PunkS7yle View Post
    Imho an API server with clients in any language > gm tools, at least that way you can set proper permission levels and dont have to give creds. I'm down to work on one in my free time if others are too and provided it's open source.
    Make an impression.

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    Re: Gm tools

    It looks very promising, but stopped too abruptly. Please continue. Seems nice :)

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    Re: Gm tools

    add admin panel for gm massage / email to player inluded location were / add remove id player or view item player / bann unbann / search location player and monitor player / and any more for admin panel ..... tq

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    Re: Gm tools

    we are waiting for these !! :D

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