How to modify giftboxes

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    How to modify giftboxes

    Hello ragezone,

    This is a very simple guide, one i haven't found so far and in case anyone googles it, at least they have a small help to start with.

    I've been playing around with the config files and altough i still don't know how to link the ingame item id of the GiftBox with the OptionPool.scp i found out that you can trace the box searching the items they contain.

    For example: I found the ThanksGiving box called Han_Box

    The second column is the item id, either simple, or with the account bind value 4096+itemid

    Other than that, it will be easy to understand the config. Good luck

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    Re: How to modify giftboxes


    Just an example:

    1. Chaos Lamp is 783 in item.scp
    2. Now, when you go to item.scp, you will see in the item settings: AttckRate/Opt1 set to 1
    3. Next step is to go to OptionPool.scp and find: [LotteryType]
    4. Find column: OPT1
    5. you will see number 1 set in there.
    6. That number, links to:
    7. Code:
       [LotteryItem]    ItemID    LotteryType    TypeCode
    8. [LoterryItem] is a whole Giftbox, Chaos Lamp, Chaos Box and any other box-type-click-to-open item content.

    P.S. If you are making your own custom cube/box, make sure you simply copy / set the box/cube based on existing one and change the AttckRate/Opt1 number to your new one, from: [LotteryType] and properly link [LotteryType] with [LotteryItem].

    The rest is self explanatory. I suggest to check a bit these 2x parts and you will understand how it works.
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    Re: How to modify giftboxes

    A very good tutorial. I will test this one later. ^^

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    Re: How to modify giftboxes

    In the order that is in the image ...
    1 - line number.
    2 - ITEM ID.
    3 - Id of a line that is added a bit higher.
    4 - Name of the box.
    5 - Order of the items inside the box (In case of image 1 to 14)
    6 - Name of the box again (2 names required).

    # Between the 2nd box name until .0000000 I forgot the data I do not remember my head.
    12 - Rate.
    13 - Again Rate.
    Note: it has 2 rate, it's like a minimum rate type to get an item and a maximum, something like that.
    14 - Flags, I have not yet discovered the use.
    15 - New Name of the box. In the part of the enumeration I made quick here the "Field" 15 is the same name as field 6 .

    If you want a video or something like the one I mentioned above, this is a video that shows how to create an item box, only it is in portuguese BR xD

    In addition to all the steps I have mentioned, there is still one more step if you are going to create an item box of 0 which is the creation of a new line in that same file, in which you will load a line number, a number that will work as connection of item.enc and item.scp to OptPool.
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    Re: How to modify giftboxes

    Thanks dud for sharing.