A little warning, account grief.

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    A little warning, account grief.

    A little warning, account grief.
    Since this is not a joke, and shouldn't be threaded like ones, and somehow being not able PMing Admins nor Moderators with it, I will post this down here, so that everyone is aware of this breaching which happened with CLOUDFLARE.

    You should consider checking and resetting your password, immediately, since some people managed hacking and thefting account data from the service Cloudflare, which Ragezone uses for their data storage, check, or whatever.


    So, do a prompt and change your password. Do also check for other domains, which are in your interest.

    Best regards,
    Please do me a favor and don't PM me anything about pServer-stuff anymore, thanks.

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    Re: A little warning, account grief.

    I won't thread this like a joke.