Not sure if posting in right section.

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    Not sure if posting in right section.

    Not sure if posting in right section.
    Read full post before leaving it please.

    Anyone here has a decent working obj extractor for sro ? Heres why.

    What I need:

    The actual jangan structures . Like buildings , the streets(floor) , walls, etc etc. No need for trees or flowers or bushes or terrain.

    And why?

    A few classmates of mine have finished a full working back end server system with support for unity3d for university project.

    Our desires is to fully create a jangan working town with npc , npc interaction with quest and mobs walking around and be able to be killed as well. Also a player create , spawn , and interaction with both npc and mobs..


    I have no intention at the moment to make a big mmorpg. BUT depending on how this project goes and how the public reactions goes when we release it for public login. Lets what happens from there on.

    But we wish to keep the town as close to sro like as possible.

    I know theres a tool out there from perry that can extract objs from the sro client , but it works bad when it comes to the actualy buildings structure it self.

    Any one got anything to help me with feel free to pm me.

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    Re: Not sure if posting in right section.

    If your clique can use Unity, they simple can obtain some basic 3D knowledge about Blender. It is free and more effective than extracting old obj files from the origin client.

    And btw. there were lots of people praising and offering, showed some town remakes and whatnot, some hardcore remake silkroad stuff on Unity/UE4 and yet they delivered nothing at all viable to get hold onto.
    Your post seems like, no offense, no different.
    Please do me a favor and don't PM me anything about pServer-stuff anymore, thanks.