My project on RF Online

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    cool My project on RF Online

    My project on RF Online
    Well... This day I decided to share my project of rf online which it I have been working alone for around 1 year and some month more called "RFO International 2232", I decided to do this because I don't have more time for RF by now.
    My RFOnline has:
    Database, ZoneServer and client is RU
    • Exp Rate 2000x
    • Loot Rate 60x
    • Animus 9999x
    • Mining Rate 300x
    • All PT Skill GM
    • Buffs 4980sec
    • Quest 50-56 OFF
    • Reward Quest Active
    • Level Cap 66
    • Trap lv 65
    • Tower lv 65
    • Max Upgrade +6 serverside and client side
    • System Gold Point Active
    • System Certain Point Active in "Victoria npc"
    • Cash shop active
    • Aution house active in HQ
    • Dungeon Battle Active with 4 new golden Keys by me with new mobs inside of the BD
    • Auto reward of cash point by time play setup to 5min = 5cash points
    • Cash Shop price all items with a good price not 10 cash p each one if you want the server files you need to buy it
    • Anti cheat in client side (rf_online.bin) 85% exelent
    • Server Guard pay maybe the zoneserver doesn't work
    • 90% of the items tradeable
    • (2) New MAUs from 1.5
    • New (11) Armors Set from 1.5 include 3 different dragon armor (DA01 - DA02 - White Dragon)
    • Around 500 new monster in resource.edf from 1.5, in use around 40-50 monsters
    • New exclusive and funny weapons from 1.5 around new 300 weapons
    • New Shield form 1.5 around 30 new shield
    • New 6 Siege Kit (4)donate (2) normal, (2)donate of 5k bullets, (2)donate of 999... bullets, (2)normal of 5k bullets with differents skins but say "International" if you have brain you can change the name
    • New 12 Map, 4 of this maps with mobs spots and scrool in npc of HQ
    • T6 in Mine area with the Ores
    • New skins for MineArea green, new sky to show more light, chip skin, and not have lag by me
    • around 40 new amulet and rings with new icons by me
    • 60 new skins of cloacks and capes with light by 1.5 and me
    • around 40 new mask from 1.5
    • new jades with only 10%atk with 10%def, jade of money increase the money rate, dodge jades by me
    • New Runes Go! Rune, Remove Rune, invisibility Rune, Heal Rune, Revival Rune, Call Rune by me
    • ItemCombine active with Armors, Weapons, Rings, Amulet, Jetpacks and Shields
    • New Potions Memes and others by me
    my resource.edf is like the resource.edf from gamecampus 1.5 I put all Models from the 1.5 into my 2232 resource.edf
    some people say me I can sell the server for USD$1000 or more with the ZoneServer protect by Fedor but I don't do that. I'm very tired of RF
    I will give you a xls file of some items codes but I will not give you the all code of items because I know how are the people when seen post like this if you want the all codes that I edit and modify I will sell that for a great price with other things if you don't want you can take your time to see the codes to don't be a leeches. I Really appreciate the help from the RageZone members to can be a RF Dev because when I enter on this forum I didn't know change the launcher image xD I just say to the new member that they can do just need time, reading and dedication to learn.

    I will include
    my Utilities,
    Server files and full client,
    All Strs from Server side by me and some people from this forum,
    my Autoupdate fast to update and looks good
    3rd job files for 223 you can change to 2232 just need brain, time and patience as I don't have
    other files I will show you in a pic
    the server size is [4.26GB]
    the client size is [9.10GB]

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	UtilitiesFolderContained.jpg 
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Name:	ServerFolder.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    -> Learn more about RFO International

    Here is the links!
    IVPaste: Generador de Paste - VER Paste

    My Server will be closed in a few days.
    Thanks for all
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    Re: My project on RF Online

    link is dead :(