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    [Resource] GM Commands List

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    Credits go to the original source for this list of commands for RF Online Episode 2.1.5 and 2.1.6 (2.2.1 commands link at bottom of thread)

    ALT+B (Opens observer menu which enables fly/noclip mode.)
    /add <USERNAME> (Add the user to your player list, only usable in observer mode, must have player targeted when you do it.)
    /remove <USERNAME> (Remove player from observer list.)
    /add (Use this command to add a blank button, and being abble to leave the follow mode.)

    //Race codes
    0 Bellato
    1 Cora
    2 Accretia

    //GM Char Powers

    %change degree (NO IDEA YET)
    %clear inven (Delete oneself inventory.)
    %xyz (Give oneself coords.)
    %resurrect (Resurrect oneself.)
    %Set Guild Grade (Set oneself guild grade.)
    %Set Guild Grade By Name (Set guild grade.)
    %Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial (Set guild grade.)

    %jump (Teleport to XYZ coords.)
    %pass dungeon (Finish oneself entered battle dungeon.)
    %lv (Set oneself lvl.)
    %transparent (Turn ON oneself invisible.)
    %no transparent (Turn OFF oneself invisible.)
    %matchless (Turn ON oneself god kill.)
    %no matchless (Turn OFF oneself god kill.)
    %port (Teleport oneself to new map.)
    %eder (Teleport oneself to ether.)
    %goto ship (Teleport oneself to transportation ship.)
    %start holy (Start chip war.)
    %keeper bye (Kill HSK until next CW.)
    %start keeper O (Make HSK appear, friendly for bellato.)
    %start keeper 1 (Make HSK appear, friendly for cora.)
    %start keeper 2 (Make HSK appear, friendly for accretia.)
    %goto stone 0 (Port you to bellato chip.)
    %goto stone 1 (Port you to cora chip.)
    %goto stone 2 (Port you to accretia chip.)
    %kick <USERNAME> (Kick player out of game.)
    %pass quest (Pass oneself obtained quest, and give you reward.)
    %charcall <USERNAME> (Teleport player to you.)
    %moncall <MONSTER_ID> (Summon monster to you.)
    %copy <USERNAME> (Kicks you out of game, and create a copy of the player char to your account.)
    %total (Display amount of users online for each race.)
    %neverdie (Turn ON oneself invincible.)
    %no neverdie (Turn OFF oneself invincible.)
    %* <ITEM_ID> (Generate one game item.)
    %allskill <123> (Set oneself skills level.)
    %recallexp <123> (Set oneself summoned animus level.)
    %monset <ON/OFF> (Turn On/Off mobs respawning.)
    %show me the dalant <123> (Give oneself money, or input amount.)
    %show me the gold <123> (Give oneself 500.000 gold, or input amount.)
    %full force (Set oneself spells to max level.)
    %circle (Display amount of players near you.)
    %min attack point (Deal minimum damage of your attack range.)
    %max attack point (Deal maximum damage of your attack range.)
    %normal attack point (Set damage back to normal.)
    %beggar (Drop all the targeted mob items, max amount and max items.)
    %no beggar (Make targeted mob drops normally.)
    %god hand (Turn ON god upgrade mode.)
    %chicken hand (Turn OFF god upgrade mode.)
    %effect time <123> (Set buff duration on oneself, max 9000 seconds.)
    %effect clear (Remove oneself buffs.)
    %fullset (NO IDEA YET)
    /town (Teleport oneself to HQ.)

    //Update 5 Commands not tested

    %altexp (Set oneself EXP.)
    %die (Kill oneself.)
    %# (NO IDEA YET)
    %? (NO IDEA YET)
    %contribute_p <+/- 123> (Add CP points to oneself.)
    %contribute_m <+/- 123> (Add PVP points to oneself.)
    %stone (NO IDEA YET)
    %stone bye (NO IDEA YET)
    %servant (NO IDEA YET)
    %miracle (Sort of healing.)
    %fullmiracle (Sort of healing.)
    %threeseven war (Drop 5 strange bags.)
    %dfgrace (NO IDEA YET)
    %recallattack (NO IDEA YET)
    %allskillpt (NO IDEA YET)
    %createfield (NO IDEA YET)
    %destroyfield (NO IDEA YET)
    %regenstone (NO IDEA YET)
    %destroystone (NO IDEA YET)
    %takestone (NO IDEA YET)
    %getstone (NO IDEA YET)
    %dropstone (NO IDEA YET)
    %forcestone (NO IDEA YET)
    %checkgoal (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvschedule (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvbattleinfo (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvtotalguildrank (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvpvpguildrank (NO IDEA YET)
    %changetaxrate (Change tax rate.)
    %amp-set (NO IDEA YET)
    %amp-full (NO IDEA YET)
    %servertime (Display server uptime.)
    %partycall <USERNAME> (Call whole player party to oneself.)
    %guildcall <USERNAME> (Call whole player guild to oneself.)
    %cashamount (Cash shop related.)
    %csbuy <ITEM_ID> (Buy cash shop item.)
    %primium classevent (NO IDEA YET)
    %takeholymental (Give Holymental to oneself.)
    %BossMe (NO IDEA YET)
    %MasterMe (NO IDEA YET)
    %altlv (NO IDEA YET)
    %OneHourAfter (Starts fake CW Counter.)
    %recalllv (NO IDEA YET)
    %AniPow (NO IDEA YET)
    %AfterEff (Give Nuclear Debuff Effect to oneself.)
    %removesfdelay (NO IDEA YET)
    %exception (NO IDEA YET)

    //Update 6 Commands not tested

    %temp point <123> (Change Temp PVP Points)
    %serverrate (Display current rates)

    %new killerlist
    %remainore (Display remaining ore)
    And for the 2.2.1 Commands list, see here.
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