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    [Resource] GM Commands List

    Credits go to the original source for this list of commands for RF Online Episode 2.1.5 and 2.1.6 (2.2.1 commands link at bottom of thread)

    ALT+B (Opens observer menu which enables fly/noclip mode.)
    /add <USERNAME> (Add the user to your player list, only usable in observer mode, must have player targeted when you do it.)
    /remove <USERNAME> (Remove player from observer list.)
    /add (Use this command to add a blank button, and being abble to leave the follow mode.)

    //Race codes
    0 Bellato
    1 Cora
    2 Accretia

    //GM Char Powers

    %change degree (NO IDEA YET)
    %clear inven (Delete oneself inventory.)
    %xyz (Give oneself coords.)
    %resurrect (Resurrect oneself.)
    %Set Guild Grade (Set oneself guild grade.)
    %Set Guild Grade By Name (Set guild grade.)
    %Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial (Set guild grade.)

    %jump (Teleport to XYZ coords.)
    %pass dungeon (Finish oneself entered battle dungeon.)
    %lv (Set oneself lvl.)
    %transparent (Turn ON oneself invisible.)
    %no transparent (Turn OFF oneself invisible.)
    %matchless (Turn ON oneself god kill.)
    %no matchless (Turn OFF oneself god kill.)
    %port (Teleport oneself to new map.)
    %eder (Teleport oneself to ether.)
    %goto ship (Teleport oneself to transportation ship.)
    %start holy (Start chip war.)
    %keeper bye (Kill HSK until next CW.)
    %start keeper O (Make HSK appear, friendly for bellato.)
    %start keeper 1 (Make HSK appear, friendly for cora.)
    %start keeper 2 (Make HSK appear, friendly for accretia.)
    %goto stone 0 (Port you to bellato chip.)
    %goto stone 1 (Port you to cora chip.)
    %goto stone 2 (Port you to accretia chip.)
    %kick <USERNAME> (Kick player out of game.)
    %pass quest (Pass oneself obtained quest, and give you reward.)
    %charcall <USERNAME> (Teleport player to you.)
    %moncall <MONSTER_ID> (Summon monster to you.)
    %copy <USERNAME> (Kicks you out of game, and create a copy of the player char to your account.)
    %total (Display amount of users online for each race.)
    %neverdie (Turn ON oneself invincible.)
    %no neverdie (Turn OFF oneself invincible.)
    %* <ITEM_ID> (Generate one game item.)
    %allskill <123> (Set oneself skills level.)
    %recallexp <123> (Set oneself summoned animus level.)
    %monset <ON/OFF> (Turn On/Off mobs respawning.)
    %show me the dalant <123> (Give oneself money, or input amount.)
    %show me the gold <123> (Give oneself 500.000 gold, or input amount.)
    %full force (Set oneself spells to max level.)
    %circle (Display amount of players near you.)
    %min attack point (Deal minimum damage of your attack range.)
    %max attack point (Deal maximum damage of your attack range.)
    %normal attack point (Set damage back to normal.)
    %beggar (Drop all the targeted mob items, max amount and max items.)
    %no beggar (Make targeted mob drops normally.)
    %god hand (Turn ON god upgrade mode.)
    %chicken hand (Turn OFF god upgrade mode.)
    %effect time <123> (Set buff duration on oneself, max 9000 seconds.)
    %effect clear (Remove oneself buffs.)
    %fullset (NO IDEA YET)
    /town (Teleport oneself to HQ.)

    //Update 5 Commands not tested

    %altexp (Set oneself EXP.)
    %die (Kill oneself.)
    %# (NO IDEA YET)
    %? (NO IDEA YET)
    %contribute_p <+/- 123> (Add CP points to oneself.)
    %contribute_m <+/- 123> (Add PVP points to oneself.)
    %stone (NO IDEA YET)
    %stone bye (NO IDEA YET)
    %servant (NO IDEA YET)
    %miracle (Sort of healing.)
    %fullmiracle (Sort of healing.)
    %threeseven war (Drop 5 strange bags.)
    %dfgrace (NO IDEA YET)
    %recallattack (NO IDEA YET)
    %allskillpt (NO IDEA YET)
    %createfield (NO IDEA YET)
    %destroyfield (NO IDEA YET)
    %regenstone (NO IDEA YET)
    %destroystone (NO IDEA YET)
    %takestone (NO IDEA YET)
    %getstone (NO IDEA YET)
    %dropstone (NO IDEA YET)
    %forcestone (NO IDEA YET)
    %checkgoal (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvschedule (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvbattleinfo (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvtotalguildrank (NO IDEA YET)
    %recvpvpguildrank (NO IDEA YET)
    %changetaxrate (Change tax rate.)
    %amp-set (NO IDEA YET)
    %amp-full (NO IDEA YET)
    %servertime (Display server uptime.)
    %partycall <USERNAME> (Call whole player party to oneself.)
    %guildcall <USERNAME> (Call whole player guild to oneself.)
    %cashamount (Cash shop related.)
    %csbuy <ITEM_ID> (Buy cash shop item.)
    %primium classevent (NO IDEA YET)
    %takeholymental (Give Holymental to oneself.)
    %BossMe (NO IDEA YET)
    %MasterMe (NO IDEA YET)
    %altlv (NO IDEA YET)
    %OneHourAfter (Starts fake CW Counter.)
    %recalllv (NO IDEA YET)
    %AniPow (NO IDEA YET)
    %AfterEff (Give Nuclear Debuff Effect to oneself.)
    %removesfdelay (NO IDEA YET)
    %exception (NO IDEA YET)

    //Update 6 Commands not tested

    %temp point <123> (Change Temp PVP Points)
    %serverrate (Display current rates)

    %new killerlist
    %remainore (Display remaining ore)
    And for the 2.2.1 Commands list, see here.
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