[RF-Dev] [2.2.3] Developer Launcher

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    [RF-Dev] [2.2.3] Developer Launcher

    This is a developer friendly launcher designed for 2.2.3. Using this launcher, you can avoid having to set up the legacy update emulators to make the default RF launcher work properly... which is known to be quite a tedious and insecure process.

    You will be happy to know that this is a full source code release, not just a binary release. I am freely releasing the source as this was a minimal effort project, and I think this is a big step in helping people learn how to make your own game launchers. I left the application very "whitelabel" so you can easily adapt this for your own purposes.

    That being said, you will need to know some programming and have experience with Visual Studio to utilize these files. The project was developed in Visual Studio 2017 Community using C# .NET.

    I hope the community finds this release useful and people can learn some things from this. I hope to see more servers with custom launchers now! =)

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    Configuration Information

    Reference RF.cs for information on how this all works. Search for the following code in RF.cs to adjust server connection settings for remote servers. Default settings are for local environments.

    // Connection settings. Adjust as needed
    this.IP = "";
    this.Port = 10001;
    // runs the game

    Known Issues

    • On the first connection attempted, error code #4 can be thrown. Login appears to work fine afterwards so this was considered a non-issue for the purposes of this launcher. I may re-visit this and fix it at a later time but for now I'm happy with the results.
    • Launcher currently ignores server list returned by the login, and will only connect to world_0. This is not a bug, but is just not something I wanted to bother spending time coding in. To make server selection work you'll need to add packet handling for the server list response instead of building the packet to connect to world_0 only.


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    Re: [RF-Dev] [2.2.3] Developer Launcher

    I do not understand how to implement the withdrawal of premium sprites, need help:)

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    Re: [RF-Dev] [2.2.3] Developer Launcher

    wow, i just made 1 of this type of Launcher the other night but just throw it away when pc went crazy, ahaha, and now seeing this post made me want to do it again, just need a lil fix to my PC, but i hope this works with 2232, =) .. will try to find out. thanks for the share master Ron...

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    Re: [RF-Dev] [2.2.3] Developer Launcher

    is there any Video?