API for Item Options, Item Info, Crafting Info

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    API for Item Options, Item Info, Crafting Info

    My friend Vikram Sangat was working on my website from last couple of months. He added few quite good features to the website like -

    Auction : Players can trade Items in e-Currency or Gold (ingame Gold Bars)

    eShop : Players can buy Items from the Server owners for e-Currency or Gold

    Crafting Info : All the crafting combinations are shown to users Directly from ItemCombinationData.dat

    To visit these links, You might need an authentication.
    Here is a Demo account for Our RaGEZONE members.

    ID - testaccount
    Password - test

    Use this account only for good purposes! Don't just exploit the Web!!

    Also, There are many more other features which are not related to this post, So it will be good for me not to mention them here.

    Anyways, The work was only for my server and I guess the effort is worth sharing to our loving RaGEZONE's A3 Community.

    Yesterday Vikram completed working on an API, using which it will be much easier and faster for other developers to develop similar or even better applications for their A3 servers/Websites in simple 1-2-3 steps..

    All the info required is available in the API page itself.. Have a look.

    Here is the link to the API

    API - A3 Ultimate

    Please go through the API and let us know if you have any errors, need any assistance or just to give a feedback.

    P.S. This is not some kind of Advertisement (I cant simply dedicate a new machine with a different domain name just for this API so had to host it in my existing domain), This is just an contribution to the A3 Community from where we have already leeched too much knowledge and because of which We have enough knowledge to create an API like this one.

    Hope this will help others..

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    Re: API for Item Options, Item Info, Crafting Info

    Good work! Keep it up