Weather Stations For GunZ (Developing)

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    idea Weather Stations For GunZ (Developing)

    Weather Stations For GunZ (Developing)
    Well, as everyone knows that in gunz there is snow and summer, why not add more seasons like rain, cloudy, fog, ect.
    They can all be added even with ambient sounds.

    But obviously only for open maps like Battle Arena, Port, Island, Garden, Town, Citadel, Ruin and Lost Shrine, but sadly in some of these maps there are places with tunnels where the drops still fall or everything that falls from the sky. . , I couldn't find a method to stop this, but I guess this is how the game's graphics engine works.

    I will be doing the following stations and with ambient sounds

    Fog 100%
    Rain 80%
    Summer 0%
    Snow 86%

    If I have forgotten a climate system, do not forget to pronounce it in the comments.

    Video example:

    If you want to support me here I will leave you my discord: Jorklenis2#1334
    I also have the night system with stars to see at night.
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    Re: Weather Stations For GunZ (Developing)

    Love it!