[Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

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    [Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

    Hi, this is a simple guide on how you can start mapping on GTA! What is mapping? Mapping is the art of creating your very own maps for your GTA server. You can use any object created by Rockstar and create your own island, city, prison, sky-diving area, stuntpark, whatever comes to mind!

    Software we will be using:

    • GTA: San Andreas V1 (need to dongrade your version? See here
    • MTA: San Andreas Race
    • xObjects Object Streamer

    Firstly, make sure your version of GTA: San Andreas is downgraded to V1 (if you haven't installed SA:MP or MTA then this step is necessary, otherwise you can move on). If it isn't V1, then download this patch, run the patch and it will downgrade your copy so you can use it with GTA multiplayer mods.

    Now, you can download a copy of MTA: San Andreas Race from here. Install MTA. You can find the MTA directory at C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas.

    Open up the MTA directory and go to C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\mods and rename the folder called 'editor' to 'map_editor' (without the quotes). Now copy the models folder from MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\ to MTA San Andreas\mods\race\. Inside the map_editor folder create the file 'maps'.

    Congragulations, you have set up MTA: San Andreas! Now you can add new objects to maps by running MTA.

    NOTE TO ALL VISTA USERS: Go to the directory "C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\mods\race and rename or delete the 'Client.dll' file so MTA can't find it. This will solve one problem Vista users have with MTA. Don't forget to run MTA as an administrator! Otherwise you'll never be able to get hold of your files saved when not in administrator mode.

    NOTE TO ALL USERS: When releasing your work, release the .map file. And if you want, you can upload the .map file onto a converter such as Delux Map Converter. You can convert .map files for use with object streamers such as xObjects (if you need a tutorial for xObjects, see here.
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    Re: [Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

    nice job

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    Re: [Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

    Nice tutorial, as a Vista user this helped me. Thanks!

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    Re: [Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

    Good job. But I recommened MTA map editor. It is really easy though.

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    Re: [Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

    Thank you.

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    Re: [Tutorial] How To Use a Map Editor

    nice guide =)