New lorencia race track! :)

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    thumbs up New lorencia race track! :)

    So Karli gave me a good idea.

    This took about 1 week to finalize, did this only using Pentium Tools.
    Hope you like it!

    - - - Updated - - -

    While watching this video, I noticed that something was missing.
    So here's a little update already :P

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    Re: New lorencia race track! :)

    WONDERFUL Alpha Tile Effects!

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    Re: New lorencia race track! :)

    just fun but not cool
    this will destroy lorencia, it should be outside of map, I think arena as well
    Nothing :>

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    Re: New lorencia race track! :)

    Kudos to alex!

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    Re: New lorencia race track! :)

    I really like this idea and a good new feel to the race track. 7/10
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