[Release] Server Files (VM) + Client + Tuto

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    Re: [Release] Server Files (VM) + Client + Tuto

    A quick update on progress with these server files.

    1. The server works and is visible on other computers outside of the ones on my wifi thanks to a really smart friend and another friend who speaks some chinese.
    2. I have fixed the rates. It turned out to be as simple as swapping out two files from some different private server files. No more instant lv128 after killing a beetle-g!
    ... oh, but the fashion shop is still free. (infinite points)
    3. For some reason, although I can host and have forwarded ports, I can connect and play just fine but my friend can't from his computer, having a similar issue to that of which I had before, crashing right before he gets to the character list. I can't remember what I did to fix this, so if someone knows how I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

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    Re: [Release] Server Files (VM) + Client + Tuto

    I edited this post to let anyone know that I figured out how to make functional private server :D


    Video doesn't demonstrate anything, but it works so yup.

    Thanks to orion13 for posting this thread: [RELEASE] Server Files + Client + Activation Tool (no date problem)

    It helped me a lot.
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    Re: [Release] Server Files (VM) + Client + Tuto

    I would like to ask you a favour.
    I do as you write.

    -Download all file
    -Extract all files
    -Mount Server Files Iso on Vmware : Configure Settings : 1 processor, 2 GB Ram, Mode Bridged
    -Start your Virtual Machine, Choose "I moved it"
    -At Login screen, enter password "Taxiang"
    -Go to "C:/latale/" and copy Server Patch files inside (accept at prompt to replace)(false/positive detected by some antivirus)
    -IMPORTANT : change System Date and set it to "10 January 2014"
    -Modify Mssql IP with that of your server
    -Click on shortcut "他乡单机彩虹岛_ServerMaster.exe" on your desktop
    -Click on the second tab and click on button near "IP" to modify your ini files with this IP
    -Click on "GM" Tab, enter a new name and a password and click on button right off
    After that - Click on the third tab but can't click on button to launch server
    And IP in box to restore default
    How to way fix it. T___T
    I love Latale. I hope to play it again
    I'm sorry if I did something wrong.I never play broad before
    Thank you

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