[Guide]Creating a Grand Chase Server

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    [Guide]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Tutorial Grand Chase

    1 Description
    2 files [Downloads]
    3 Tutorials
    3.1 - Restoring the database
    3.2 - Setting IP, s
    3.3 - Center
    3.4 - Gameserver
    3.5 - MsgRouter and MsgServer.
    3.6 - Create Account
    3.6.1 - Hash
    3.6.2 - Add Items in Accounts
    3.7 - Editing your character
    3.8 - Increasing Rates
    3.9 - turning on a server.
    4 FAQ

    - Description --

    I am here to teach how to create a server from Grand Chase, is very difficult, but with this tutorial, succeeded in making very fast ...

    It is legal to a server to make fun since they not for profit, NOW TO MAKE A SERVER-profit and YOU CAN BE WRONG AND PRISONERS.

    - Archives [Downloads] --
    Light SQL 1017 - [Mandatory] [Server Files]
    Database- [Mandatory] (Newman)
    SQL Server 2005 Express
    [Required] - Enterprise Management Studio Express
    Client Season 1 - Main.exe Edited

    [COLOR=Red]you can see the tutorial on how to restor database in first reply
    - Setting IP, s --
    > Let's start by ODBC.
    Open the following file with Notepad:

    . \ Server \ Gameserver \ odbc_internal.dsn
    . \ Server \ Gameserver \ odbc_stat.dsn
    . \ Server \ Center \ odbc_internal.dsn
    . \ Server \ Center \ odbc_stat.dsn

    And so edit this way:

    DRIVER = SQL Server
    UID = SQL Server
    Address =,1433
    Network = dbmssocn
    DATABASE = ss
    WSID = xmlab-coolcopy
    APP = Microsoft Data Access Components
    SERVER = (local)
    Description = Brazil internal
    PWD = Password SQL

    > Now the IPS

    Open these files with Notepad

    . \ Server \ Gameserver \ config_server.LUA
    . \ Server \ Gameserver \ ~ config_server.LUA

    After going on line 71 with CTRL + G and edit this way:

    Init_NCashBillingInfo ( 'YOUR IP HERE', 9500, 5, 0, 'odbc_internal.dsn')

    Now let's edit the IPs in sql

    Tables in the Open Databse GC i is soh edit the IP


    - Center --

    This program is who commands the "Login Server", controls the login and password that will, if it gives a problem, the server will not work.

    The Table is that it uses the ConnectStatusDB, then use your local IP there, if you are a free server, use the external IP.

    - Gameserver --

    This program drives the characters, missions, the pvps, the EXP, well, almost everything you do goes to him.

    Setting - Config_Server.lua

    Line 71:
    PHP Code:
    Init_NCashBillingInfo 'Use your IP here'950054'odbc_internal.dsn'
    Line 31
    PHP Code:
    SimLayerSetBillingType (KGSSimLayer.BT_NCASH
    Remove the --.

    - MsgRouter and MsgServer --

    These programs take care of "Friend List" or Friends list, if not connected, the buddy list will say "Connection failed with the list" and is one of the most difficult to fix bugs.


    1st MsgRouter

    Protocols - config_mr.ini

    Logs - config_mr.lua

    2 MsgServer

    Protocols - config_msg.lua

    - Create Account --
    Go to the table users ...

    LOGIN passwd SEX

    Once you click the button ...

    Then press the OK ...

    - Adding Items accounts --

    The next image in the table GoodsObjectList.

    - ITEMUID = No need Mecher him. It is Automatic.
    - OWNERLOGIN = Set the log of the person who will receive the item.
    - BUYERLOGIN = Set the log of the person who will receive the item.
    - ItemId = Place the item ID.
    - Any REGDATE = date.
    - Any StartDate = date.
    - END DATE = Any date.
    - PERIOD = Time Item. Leg is -1
    - Editing the Level, EXP, Win, Lose ... --
    To edit your character, just go in the table Characters will have a line with your login, there in front, has the Level, Exp, Win, Lose, simply edit it and restart your game.

    <font color="Red">
    PHP Code:
    YouHow do I put the LassRyanRonan?  
    Andreddj2Follow the example with my account in the photo ... 
    CharType column:
    0 = Elesis
    1 = Lire
    2 = Arme
    3 = Lass
    4 = Ryan
    5 = Ronan

    PHP Code:
    YouHow do Class, Class, Class 4
    Column Promotion:
    0 = 1 Class
    1 = 2 Class
    2 = 3 Class
    3 = 4 Class

    - Editing Rates --
    Image Speech Everything!

    - Turning on the server --

    To connect the server, where everything is set up, open the file StartAll.bat, if any program opens and closes, it's because you do not set it right.

    - FAQs --

    PHP Code:
     YouOh manevery time I enter the serverthe hack detected .. What do do?  
    Andreddj2This problem varies widelysometimes can be little memory, and sometimes can be the same GameGuard ... 
    PHP Code:
     YouHeywhere you put cash in the account?  
    Andreddj2Wellnobody knows yet
    PHP Code:
     YouAffHow do I edit items?  
    Andreddj2To edit the itemsthe database needs to change and the Main.exebecause nobody knows edit the Mainof a
    PHP Code:
     YouHow do I create a Main to my Server?  
    Andreddj2Are you a topic right there ... 

    Credits to:
    Black Khaos
    Ragezone BR

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    -Restoring Database --
    Download the files, decompress the files in that folder (Server and DB) install the MSSQL EXPRESS.

    Open Enterprise Manegement:

    go to another button on top of datebase and CLIK in new Database

    O Create 3 dB, and web stat:

    CLIK on okay.

    Clik done so over the db created and CLIK in Task / restore / db database and choose to estrous.

    After that it ready to db.

    Open the folder on the server and configured this way: Tuto of davisson

    Clik on ok and now open the startServer.bat and pornto server on .. The backup is naum CLIK is in option Enable Overwrite the existing database

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Cool! I wanted to see this

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Configuring Web

    The site is:
    - System of news (CuteNews)
    - Rankings
    - Register
    - Page Team
    - Forum (SMF 1.1.6 + Translation)

    How to configure?
    To set up just open the config.php file and edit to your needs.


    Credits to:

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Well done.

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Good Work !

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    PHP Code:
    You: Hey, where you put cash in the account?
    Andreddj2: Well, nobody knows yet.

    there is a service on the package (if it the same we have) who manage the connections between billcrux db and the game dbs via webservice.
    you must have the same accont id on bouth dbs to manage the amount of coins.

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Does it works? x_X
    Im feeling a bit tired , of asking if it works. xD

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    WELL 1st of all i have'nt seen the main's and i dunno if its edited... ive seen the same guide in BR forums and used it .... i can't seem to understand how its suppose to work.. ^^ but looking forward for this server to be updated
    My Memory wiLL Live on.. while you remember me.. i make no sense .. i fart at will...


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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server


    (Client Season 1 - Main.exe Edited) link first post dont works, mirror please. ALso what full client to use (direct link)....

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    can i use Grand chase extreme client?

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Of course you can, nobody told you to not use it =D

    By the way, this tutorial was translated by google. I actually speak Portuguese too...


     - SimLayer: SetBillingType (KGSSimLayer.BT_NCASH)
    This is to activate Billcrux DB (Cash Server or whatever). As you can see on the code "BT_NCASH", it must be Billcrux Table - NCASH (I believe everybody in this forum knows N-Cash and BillCrux =P), or, in other words, to activate CASH. However, it won't work properly without the proper database.

    I reckon this line is not really necessary to activate, as the CASH won't work without BillCrux.

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    all work fine but the gameserver.exe have this error

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    I have the same error as the guy above me, but it does it for gameserver AND msgrouter. What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: [FULL]Creating a Grand Chase Server

    Has anyone successfully made a GCPS yet?

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