MySQL Connection Problem.

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    MySQL Connection Problem.

    MySQL Connection Problem.
    Hey guys,

    I was trying to see whats up with the progress of this server,
    But there arent alot of clear answers.

    Even to the answer as to what version of mysql is needed,
    I currently tried 2 versions 5.0.24a-community-nt and 5.1.39-community

    And both dont seem to work,
    Now then i read stuff about the port,
    And to bad.. 50% says the port is for something else and 50% says its for mysql,
    I myself find it strange its not in the database section but i gave it a try no luck though.

    Search for Database.....
    ........connect database failed!
    ERROR Shutdown: The socket is not connected (connection-oriented sockets only)
    : No error
    In every result now i seen other people who got past this error,
    How about posting your setup ? what MySQL server what config are you using ? did you change anything else ?

    The game itself seems funny a bit childish as its made for kids,
    But still fun, so i would like to see a working emu.

    Thanks anyway!
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    Re: MySQL Connection Problem.

    i have same problem
    plz help me T_T

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    Re: MySQL Connection Problem.

    In config.xml database connect mysql user=root pass =root

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    Re: MySQL Connection Problem.

    Same error here, tried a bunch of different configurations both in the HKO config and my MySQL database. I can't seem to get around it. Can anyone help me, please?