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    To start off, I feel as if the project to work with the Luna section of Ragezone has died down quickly. As I know a lot of you, the fellow members, and guests, are tired of people being greedy and selfish when holding back information. The point of this is to poll those who are willing to participate to help me understand if you want tutorials with me, keep in mind that these tutorials won't cover real serious things, but they will get you started on the right path.

    So if you read the passage above, please use these links to the poll:
    1. Poll 1
    2. Poll 2

    Sorry its in two parts, but its hard to find a free polling system that's good enough to get your opinions. I'll leave it up for a week so I'll check in with you all soon!


    Day 1 votes: 0
    Day 2 votes: 0
    Day 3 votes: 1
    Day 4 votes: 1
    Day 5 votes: 1
    Day 6 votes: 1
    Day 7 votes: 1

    A note to for those who voted, one vote means i will show videos :P so even if no one wants to participate, its still coming, but probably at a slow rate.

    Poll is closed as of 3/2/13
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