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    Section Rules

    Before reading any of this, please read these rules: Ragezone Rules

    Section Rules:

    1. Look over it all, your answer is most likely there. No ones going to care for someone who can't put the time and effort into research. (Use the search bar, its there for a reason.)

    2. Create threads in their appropriate location, if not they will be moved to the appropriate section or removed:
    • Main Thread - Game Discussion
    • Development - In Progress Projects, Idea Development, etc.
    • Releases - Complete Projects, Helpful Tools, Code, etc.
    • Tutorials - Tips & Tricks, Videos, Tutorials, etc.

    3. Do not post asking for help with Visual Studio errors. Microsoft has a database that contains all the information and
    help you need here: MSDN (See the search bar, use it.) If the error is a bit more advanced, meaning if you can't find any research on it, then feel free to make a thread about it or find a C++ book. This also includes MSSQL errors, please look up your errors on MSDN or pick up a SQL programming book. This applies to any external software, if its not made by the Luna Online developers at Eyasoft, then use Google and research the problem.

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