Files and tips to future developers of luna

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    Files and tips to future developers of luna

    Hi there Luna developers. ^_^

    Note: If this isn't the place for this, please feel free to remove or move this post.

    Some of you may know that I'm the dev of a running Luna Plus PS and it has come to my attention that a different PS has been using my bins and calls it their "update fix". How did I know they use it? some of their players are reporting "bugs" that is EXACTLY the same as my updates, example:

    fighters blessing, it was giging off 12.5 atkspd at lvl 1 and 49.8% at level 10, which in my server was nerfed and was changed to 24.9% at level 10. and now they experience it as a bug. which was reported to them and can be seen on their forum.

    another is that their grow up and smaller capsules suddenly stopped working and was considered a "bug" but those stuff are intentionally disabled on my server.

    I really don't mind if anyone uses my files (my source is more precious than these) as long as credits are given and not considered their own atleast give respect to those that actually FIX them, not just call them as your own fix. So if anyone is interested to use or learn about the bin files you're free to message me and I will give you a hand..^_^

    I don't mind competition, I am more onto the development of luna, but I do mind leechers without permission ^_^

    Alright, now for the tips with the files:
    1. Bin files are quite hard to understand at first glance, so how do you understand them? Move them to an excel file and try to align them, how? in excel select the whole block, press ctrl + g, click on the go to button then click on blank then click on ok. then it will select all spaces inbetween the numbers and texts of the file and then right click on a blank cell and then select delete then move to left.
    2. Now that your information are aligned time to put meaning onto them, go to your source code and open mapserver.cpp and then try to search for the file you're trying to edit for example itemlist.bin then scroll down a bit then you'll see how they are read for example:

    pInfo->ItemIdx = dwItemIndex;
    SafeStrCpy( pInfo->ItemName, file.GetString(), MAX_ITEMNAME_LENGTH+1 );
    pInfo->ItemTooltipIdx = file.GetDword();
    pInfo->Image2DNum = file.GetWord();
    pInfo->Part3DType = file.GetWord();

    This means that the first data is the itemidx, next is the itemname, followed by tooltip, 2dimage, 3d type and so on and so forth

    3. Sometimes you'll see just numbers on columns that sometimes dont make sense, they're like 1 2 3 4 5 6 and so on but you're not sure what they mean, the best place to look for them is at CommonGameDefine.h you'll see enumerated types there and their value, for example, for buff effects

    enum eStatusKind
    eStatusKind_PhysicAttack = 11,
    and so on...

    4. Don't pack your files onto one client.exe, I read before that packing them would reduce performance not sure who mentioned that here in ragezone, but yeah. and packing them would mean each time you have to patch, your players will download unnecessary huge file even if you just updated one or two. so that's a big no no. if you want to protect your files, you can use the AESFile.h and update your encryption.

    I learned alot from the source code and bins of luna and this is all I can think of for now that can give starters a good hand, I'll be glad to help those who wants to learn more about files and their meaning and how to make use of them, post a reply if you have any questions and I hope this was helpful. ^_^ Remember, respect other people's work ^_^


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    Re: Files and tips to future developers of luna

    Thank you for the interesting read, I'm sure this will help many developers out!

    Thread moved to development section.

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    Re: Files and tips to future developers of luna

    Nice . . :)

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    Re: Files and tips to future developers of luna

    i have played on Jaren's server for years ;) thanks for tips pls more hehehe