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    Re: [Tool]Simple resource converter

    Quote Originally Posted by holchan View Post
    But, with plugin it's possible. Luna use encrypt AES
    You just edit the text file in notepad++. You do not decrypt or encrypt with notepad++.
    If you can setup a macro/action you can make it seem like notepad++ encrypts and decrypts .bin files.
    In reality it will use LunaBinConverter to do the actual encryption and decryption.

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    Re: [Tool]Simple resource converter

    thanks.. btw.. this help me decrypt cocoloa luna, when i use they resource, my client cant run and crash without a notice, then i search them at they client, aes key of cocoloa luna and same like here, lastest AES key , i open with lastest AES key packingtool, no errors, but cant open the files and just give a text " ÿþ/ " , then i use this,.. and.. its work.. the txt version is in UNICODE, as it japan txt... maybe all source code here only can read ANSI only? it im newbie about computer thingty., sorry about this and sorry my bad english
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    Re: [Tool]Simple resource converter

    sorry I can download but I'm can't running your file that error win32

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    Re: [Tool]Simple resource converter

    oh! my! god! you just save my life...THANK YOU!!!!!!

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    Re: [Tool]Simple resource converter

    Is it possible to add like 1 or 2 more AES Keys into this ?

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    Re: [Tool]Simple resource converter

    You can do this in your source easily

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