[GUIDE] How to change resolutions on client / GMGame.

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    [GUIDE] How to change resolutions on client / GMGame.

    A pretty basic one here, not adding any resolutions, just changing the existing ones,
    The same here has 1920x1080 so wouldn't really change this one but if using an older client where peaks at say 1280x760 or anything like that would be good to bump the screen size.

    Open the client in OllyDBG

    search for a section like this:

    0043B3E3  |. C705 E482A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E4],780            ;  Case 3 of switch 0043B3D4
    0043B3ED  |. C705 E882A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E8],438
    0043B3F7  |. EB 40          JMP SHORT GMgame-w.0043B439
    0043B3F9  |> C705 E482A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E4],640            ;  Case 2 of switch 0043B3D4
    0043B403  |. C705 E882A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E8],384
    0043B40D  |. EB 2A          JMP SHORT GMgame-w.0043B439
    0043B40F  |> C705 E482A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E4],556            ;  Case 1 of switch 0043B3D4
    0043B419  |. C705 E882A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E8],300
    0043B423  |. EB 14          JMP SHORT GMgame-w.0043B439
    0043B425  |> C705 E482A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E4],500            ;  Case 0 of switch 0043B3D4
    0043B42F  |. C705 E882A500 >MOV DWORD PTR DS:[A582E8],2D0
    Easiest to search for "MOV DWORD PTR DS:[CONST], 2D0" (720) as most clients have that.

    This is where it sets the screen size based on the setting in ptreg.rgx
    The pointers (In square brackets) is where the value is hard set in little endian, (so the 780 is seen as 80 07)
    These are the pixels in hex. (780 is 1920, 438 is 1080)

    In order to change these, right click on the line, click follow in dump,
    Now just change that to your new resolution.

    Is simples :)