[Release] Xiah Online Source Code

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    note [Release] Xiah Online Source Code

    These are source for the client which is pretty outdated (v390~). However since these were found in Chinese file sharing sites i think if someone who's pro at finding client/server files from Chinese sites could find the matching server source for this would be awesome.

    This client actually runs on the old chinese files that were released around 2007 (the links dont work)

    Its made with visual studio 2003 but can be converted to newer version if you bother changing some code.

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    Re: Xiah Online Source Code

    Nice release. thx

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    Re: [Release] Xiah Online Source Code

    Love to see someone can revives Xiah Online for private servers hosting purposes.

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    Re: [Release] Xiah Online Source Code

    We have a server running.

    The client above is a rebirth enabled client, the server files that are already listed in the archives will not do, nor will the recent emulated server. Somewhere in between just as chinese xiah closed is what is relevant to us.