[Release] Files that are missing and needed.

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    config [Release] Files that are missing and needed.

    Generally hi friends!I was engaged in this project and I had a problem in some places, the necessary files I upload. Hope helped a lot!With you like :)

    Features :
    File : EngineClasses.h
    UnrealEngine2Runtime - work. (Core.u, Engine.u, Editor.u)

    Small tips :
    Compile only on " VS 2008 + Sp1".
    The compilation is carried out at a time! first you need to assemble the core.

    Link Release : https://mega.nz/#!8HpFmCQb!y4DNp7qY9...JSjzagvv0fzvUI
    Release specifically for this theme (official source): Ragnarok Online 2 Official Source Code !

    With you like :)

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