Advertising your own private server

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    ! Advertising your own private server

    Hi all,,

    Day in, day out i see people who has created a new private travian. Its oke to create them, but its not allowed to spam your server right here in this section. There is a special section where you can create a topic with or own private server. Use that section please!

    I will delete and punish every topic is see in this section.
    You may post all your private servers in this section


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    Re: Advertising your own private server

    Deleted spam and closed.

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    Re: Advertising your own private server

    I will be giving out infractions for those who continue to post their server ads in the Travian section.

    Though I will try to get Travian its own Ad Subsection, until then if you do not adhere to the rules you will be punished.

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