Fiesta Online - Section Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

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    Fiesta Online - Section Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Fiesta Online:

    These are the Fiesta Online Section Rules and only apply to the Fiesta Online section; they may be amended at any given time, therefore it is highly recommended that users check regularly to make sure that they are constantly updated and aware of all of the section rules. Also, make sure to read the global forums rules: GLOBAL RULES

    General Section Rules:

    1. Do NOT reply with just "thank you", "this is good", "good job", etc. If you like what someone has done, or you think their post was helpful/useful, use the Like feature. Hovering your mouse over any post will reveal this feature in the bottom-right corner of the post content.
    2. Topics with illegible or nonsensical titles will be removed or have their titles changed. Please summarize the content of your topic in your title instead of using unrelated or random topic titles.
    3. When posting, please make sure your post contains useful information or is a constructive post.
    4. Please make posts in English, or at the very least provide an understandable translation.
    5. Use forum tags to help advertise the problem at hand. (Eg: [Help] [Request]).

    Development & Release Sections:
    1. Please be aware that, when releasing something, people are entitled to give constructive criticism. If you do not agree with the way someone voices their opinion, please report the post and a moderator will take care of it.
    2. Please respect releases. If you do not like the release, do not post about it.
    3. When you release somebody's work, credits to the original creator(s) are mandatory. If you do not know who the author is, make it clear that it is not your work.
    4. It is recommended that all releases regardless of the content should contain a virus scan link (e.g. virus total, if applicable) and at least one or two screenshots/pictures of the release (optional), be it of the files or the content itself (down to moderator discretion).

    Help Section:

    1. Don't ask other members to help you via Steam, Skype, Team Viewer, or any other private means. At least not in public topics. Share your contact details privately. This is because others might have the same issues -- so it's best to post solutions on the forum itself.
    2. Post screen shots and all the info you can obtain about the problem in detail. Remember to post server logs, which will help users to help you. Logs can be found in the appropriate service folder.
    3. If you require support, do NOT hijack another thread, make your own in the help section
    4. If you have an issue with an error (i.e your database isn't connecting properly), and someone posts a fix, please do not edit your original post and remove your issue. This is to help people who may come across the error later on - they can use your thread as a reference point.
    5. Please use the 'Search' function before posting a Help topic. Your questions might have been answered in the past.
    6. Make sure to read the following common errors thread before posting as there may already been a solution to your issue. Common Errors [READ BEFORE POSTING] - RaGEZONE - MMO development community
    7. If you have managed to fix your problem before anyone else has posted a solution, then it is recommended you post the solution on your thread, rather than dismissing it or just posting that it has been solved. This will help future users solve similar or the same issue.

    Posting in the Correct Section:

    Make sure to post in the correct section when creating a thread.

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    Re: Fiesta Online - Section Rules [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    25/5/2017 Rule update :

    Necroposting rule has been revoked. Users may revive old threads as long as they contribute valuable information to the thread.