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    idea Future of Fiesta Online

    [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    Dear Community,

    It’s been a while that I’ve been able to sit down and give larger feedback to the current happenings around Fiesta Online and where we want to go in the future. I’ve also been gone for over a week and just in that one week many have asked where I went.

    I went to Korea to visit Onson Soft. in Seoul to move into a different direction with the project. We at gamigo believe that a game makes money automatically if players are having fun and enjoy the game. Forcing a player to pay in order to enjoy content is something that we do not agree with and many aspects of the game have certainly gone that way. We want to change this.

    Having worked in the gaming industry for so many years and being a gamer myself I shared our views with Onson and interestingly enough we had very many aspects in which the developer team of Onson also agrees with our perspectives. So why is this not visible in content? Because wrong priorities have been set on their side and also at gamigo the vision seemed clouded for too long. That is why both companies went through major structural changes since the meeting.

    So what does the future hold for Fiesta?
    A lot. We broke apart the entire roadmap for the game and reworked it from scratch. Onson has committed to many aspects we want to change in the game and gave us the option to support them directly with the development of this content. This brings the relationship between developer and publisher to an entirely new level which was never seen before in Fiesta.

    I went with a list of over 200 topics to Korea and we narrowed them down to 5 larger topics:

    - Bug Fixes
    - Class Rebalance
    - Content
    - Fun & Entertainment
    - Usability / Performance Improvements

    This is the reason we’re currently also working on major updates on the hardware end at our data center to ensure that there is little to no issues regarding lag or disconnects. This isn’t something we can ensure as many times “server lags” are mistaken for “graphic lags” aka frame-drops. The game is many years old and uses certain shading methods which these days have been reworked in DirectX. This is why often times – DirectX has to do more work in order to display what actually needs to be shown on screen. We call this phenomenon – outdated engine algorithmic.

    Also we can obviously not assure players from Germany to play without lags on the NA service or vise-versa. This is simply due to oversea connection latency. Still, we’re preparing for major infrastructural changes which will enable us to improve performance on our end to the best of our ability.

    So what does it all boil down to for the future?
    Everyone at gamigo believes in Fiesta and we also think that if both companies (gamigo & onson) work together, we’re able to resolve many of the issues that players have been upset about for a long time. We’ve been keeping quiet about it until today because all of the above is still in development and a lot of it even in concept phase. But in the future many things that seemed “impossible” might now become possible.

    What guarantees do we have?
    None. You have my word that we are pro-actively working on these subjects and that we will continue to do so. If the system decides to fall apart then all that will happen is I’ll be sitting yet again in an airplane to Korea to discuss with the team. We will not let things slide like it happened in the past. And funny enough, Onson is also in favor of this.
    To leave you off with a small “behind the scenes”, here some pictures of the Onson Office. Unfortunately I took them after the 11 hour meeting so a lot of people had left already but it still gives you a good indication of the developer office and their daily workflow.

    Please Enjoy~
    Onson Office:

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    Re: [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    Interesting. I just don't know why it occured to them this late that they should improve relations between onson and gamigo. It seems like that should've happened long ago, but hey at least they're doing something. Eager to see what they come up with within the "Fun & Entertainment" category.

    Inb4 new character class

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    Re: [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    Skype :D

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    Re: [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    Quote Originally Posted by darielgames312 View Post
    Skype :D

    So the Private server side of fiesta isnt to far from actual fiesta after all.

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    Re: [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    Quote Originally Posted by JakeJigsaw View Post
    So the Private server side of fiesta isnt to far from actual fiesta after all.
    Wow Jake, you use Skype too?! That means you basically have the source code and and an office full of Koreans! Not to mention you're also similar to the other millions of people who use Skype :D :D Lucky you.

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    Re: [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    Fire extinguisher :D

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    Re: [gamigo] Future of Fiesta Online

    This is like what 5 years too late?

    Edit: Also its funny they doing this now after they finish milking the game for as much as they can than they go like o we don't want to milk you for money, we want our game to be fun and good....
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