Goodbye Fiesta.

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    Goodbye Fiesta.

    Well the time has come for me to leave this toxic community. I have better things to do. I have other games I run to be concerned with. Fiesta seems to be a total waste of time. This is the only game, I am involved with, that other people seem to think it is OK to be cancerous. For those who think that hoarding the newer shit is OK. Well you are the death of this game. I blame you. There is no progression here because of this mentality. This game will be forever old, and dead. On the last note. Stu, You created this type of thinking in this community. You are useless. Do the entire internet a favor, and leave.

    All my releases will no longer be able to be downloaded, as I am emptying my drive. So get them while you can.

    Goodbye Fiesta. Mods please delete my account on RZ.

    Just drink my avatar. Cures all problems. I promise.