[News] Gamigo Acquires Right for Fiesta

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    [News] Gamigo Acquires Right for Fiesta

    What do you guys think about this? Will there be more updates and will the game change for the better?

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    Re: Gamigo Acquires Right for Fiesta

    ^ Irrelevant

    I don't really play Gamigo's server, however it seems that most of the community thinks that OOS is responsible for the downsides of the game. They are hoping it'll be better when Gamigo themselves will develop the game. Personally, i think Gamigo will be able to roll out updates more often and i suppose they will at least consider players feedback? Oh well, we'll see, i mean if Gamigo did buy the full rights, that means they don't want the game to die any time soon.

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    Re: Gamigo Acquires Right for Fiesta

    I think it will mean more leaked stuff for pservers ;)

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    Re: Gamigo Acquires Right for Fiesta

    we see already what gamigo maked about our servers they are down all so i think they spend the fiesta servers for a new game and not for fiesta, i also think gamigo has crashed the SQL databases because the don´t does any defrag of tables and OOS was tired from any script entrys from gamigo that only does failures and bugs...
    Anyway OOS is devlop a new game science a time ago and they has not enough devs to fix that many failures that gamigo implent :)

    well wee see if servers comes again online but the support to devlop on active systems and not make any Test workaround is a big problem and any IT Personal knows "never touch the runnig system"

    so best regards