A big Thank You to the Devs, Members and Mods

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    A big Thank You to the Devs, Members and Mods

    I'm new to these boards, but this is not an introduction post.

    I wanted to sincerely thank everyone here, inactive and active, dev and noob alike, for their efforts here. I have been an NA Fiesta player since the end of closed beta. I still have my account, but never use it anymore. I always told myself that I was going to set up a private server. Last week, I accomplished this.

    I came into this with ZERO experience with SHN files, the way the game works behind the scenes, and most importantly, Mssql. This whole experience was intense, to say the least. I work in IT and know what these things are, but I am in no way even familiar with the development side of IT. I know there are devs and coders and stuff that work at companies, but that's it.

    I was up for over Forty Eight hours STRAIGHT working on getting this set up. I used Alsm97's Reupload of the Odin server files, and combined that with ChubbyCrabs install guide. Every turn it was made perfectly clear that this was not a guide for beginners and I chose to follow his guide anyways, as he gives the most clear and concise instructions for setting your server up. MrFarbodD's common issues sticky was also critical in my success.

    Every single issue I ran into, I was able to google search "issue+ragezone" and 8/10 I found the fix. If I did NOT find the fix, I found enough information to troubleshoot the Assert/Debug log files myself. Over time, I started to pick up the MSSQL on my own, and now I am able to create basic queries on my own that allow me to manage my databases with little to no frustration.

    I created this account to come back and do two things:

    1.) Thank everyone here for everything. From the in depth questions and troubleshooting, to even the noobs who asked the same things repeatedly. Everyone was critical in helping me learn how to do this on my own without asking for help


    2.) I want to stick around and contribute. I'm not a developer, however I am decent at troubleshooting things.

    Thank you, to the groups and developers who release their hard work here, for us plebs to hack at with our inexperience.

    Thank you, to the members who ask all of the important questions.

    A huge thank you to Alsm97, ChubbyCrab, and MrFarbodD. Between the three of them and their combined efforts here, very few issues are left unsolvable.

    I look forward to interacting with the community here.