Lego Hat with customization

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    Lego Hat with customization

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    Im releasing this Lego Hat I made cause I was playing Dead Rising 2 and they have this one apparel where you can wear a Lego Hat on your head so I thought "why not make it possible in Fiesta as well".

    Originally I was going to release it with faces already made but I got lazy, on the brighter side of things is that I've made it easy enough to create your own face and add your own possibilities to your server.

    To create your own Lego head just follow the simple instructions:


    I) Click on the palette to open up the material property
    For DIFFUSE choose the color you want as your primary for the Lego head
    Set your EMISSIVE Color to about half of what your primary color is, this will cause it to glow in dark places in the game and over all look not too dull

    I recommend leaving Ambient and Specular where they are, but experiment as you go

    II) Create a 512x512 image of the face you want to use
    Be sure to create an Alpha Channel or it will not work as intended
    Be sure to save your DDS file as DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp, and Generate MIP maps enabled.

    III) Create the shns
    I wont be showing you how to add items to your server since there are plenty of tutorials for that. Ive made it easy enough so that you can create a color for the hat and use that one nif for multiple faces


    All you have to do is create a NIF file with whatever color saved and link the texture file you created in Step 2

    As for the picture above, my Joker hat will be using a white Lego piece, so I made my LinkFile link to the Hat_LegoWhite.nif file and used the texture _Hat_LegoJoker to specify which texture I want to put on the Lego piece

    Same with my smile hat, I linked it to a Yellow Lego Piece I created named Hat_LegoYellow and used the texture _Hat_LegoSmile.

    Remember to set HairVisibleState to 0 at the end of ItemViewInfo so you dont get any clipping issues when equipping on female/male characters with bigger hairs.


    Thats pretty much it to make your own so enjoy

    Lego Hat.rar
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    Re: Lego Hat with customization

    thanks,good tut,wish you share more other information!!!