300 seconds on like system

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    300 seconds on like system

    I like the new 300 seconds wait system (well, the idea is what I like). It's good against abusing. However, when I like someone and I changed my mind in the first seconds (so I want to unlike it again), it will say I have to wait 300 seconds either.

    Also, when I enter a new page, the 300 seconds are away, so here it will not be effective at all.

    Can this be fixed near future? :o
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    Re: 300 seconds on like system

    The real thing they need to fix is to be actually be able to open the Like panel at all. Cause so far the arrow takes me to the top ... where it's pointing anyways.

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    Re: 300 seconds on like system

    Limit of like/dislike per 24h like with rep system & done :P

    and yea MuCski is right sometimes it redirects to indx p4g3

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    Re: 300 seconds on like system

    it redirects when you use the quick reply feature.
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    Re: 300 seconds on like system

    Make it so that you cannot (dis-)like someone 5 times in a row instead of the 300 seconds as it is kinda annoying.
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