[Bug] Tagging User BUG

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    [Bug] Tagging User BUG

    Created a thread and Tagged the appropriate users who contributed.
    And then I edited that thread and added a Youtube Video to it and saved.
    After the edited thread being saved, the Tag Feature was broken and showing the HTML Codes.

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    Re: [Bug] Tagging User BUG

    Appears to be a problem related to the WYSIWYG editor again. I've seen that happen numerous times, including when I edited our Staff List thread. These are all outlines rather than real mentions because of this.

    I'm never using the WYSIWYG mode in the editor because it's a lot more straight forward to design for me and I'm used to markup languages aynw. It also almost has no bugs (apart from the code tag bug) - doesn't destroy posts on editing most importantly. As this is unlikely to get the necessary attention by the forum owner, I'd suggest to get used to the bbcode editor (for now).

    Not a fix, I know, just trying to help out best I can.

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    Re: [Bug] Tagging User BUG

    Doubt this will ever be fixed. Just like the tagging issue within code tags like @Future mentioned.
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