Commenting on peoples photos.

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    Re: Commenting on peoples photos.

    Jesus christ if you want to use IE at least use the latest version.

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    Re: Commenting on peoples photos.

    So anyway, MentaL just put a little more padding on the left of the text and it should be fine..

    I put 10px padding under div.visitor_message_body in the css and it still looks pretty good. A little extra padding but it looks alright and doesn't break the page for Firefox. It should fix the issues with Safari and IE.

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    Re: Commenting on peoples photos.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbox View Post
    Safari, Opera, and Firefox working fine here. Don't know bout IE since I don't use it and won't be anytime soon. lol.
    I think I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with all of you that are saying it's fixed in FireFox. Note the browser being used.


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    Re: Commenting on peoples photos.

    just add the code if...
    than set a padding for each browser?
    it's as simple as that...
    Note that I have every browser. (for windows)
    most browsers show this. and not all the time anyway.

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    Re: Commenting on peoples photos.

    i think you can fix it any time.

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