Facebook pop-up won't disappear

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    Facebook pop-up won't disappear

    I've noticed the pop-up to like RZ on Facebook, which I did a while back, I clicked the cross to close it and expected it to never return.

    Alas, I navigated through to the Habbo Hotel section and was suddenly confronted with the same pop-up box, so I closed it. I clicked to go to a thread and had the same pop-up.

    It seems for each page I go to I am asked to like RZ on Facebook even though I already have and I've clicked to close this pop-up.

    The weird part is that it doesn't always immediately show, sometimes I can be reading a thread and it will just appear.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to use this:

    If the user has already liked the page, don't display the pop-up?

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    Re: Facebook pop-up won't disappear

    If you want it gone forever you can block it with adblocker.
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    Re: Facebook pop-up won't disappear

    I am too getting this;

    But on every area I go too. It shouldn't be that you have to block it with adblocker, it should either have a check and if the user has liked it then not show it, or sit somewhere like at the bottom of the page. Not constantly pop-up.
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    Re: Facebook pop-up won't disappear

    Very odd, it should auto close upon X and stay closed.


    If you close and fast refresh then it wont work. You need 3 seconds for it to store the data to keep away.
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    Re: Facebook pop-up won't disappear

    Press on X and give some time about 3s before going to the other page ... :)