Official "New Style" Forum Bugs

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    Re: Official "New Style" Forum Bugs

    1. Border-radius seems to be getting disabled on the top-bar when I hover in Firefox, Chrome looks fine. Perhaps try using -moz-border-radius etc if it's not already there.
    2. More of a suggestion than a bug, but the Facebook picture thing on the top-bar is a little close to the logout button (imo) - Try adding a padding-left: 15px; on #fb_headerbox



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    Re: Official "New Style" Forum Bugs

    Not much style related, but the Hank style in combination with the newly added snow effects is causing massive lag on most pages using 13% CPU and tons of memory, idle. The badger style on the other hand doesn't lag at all.

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    Re: Official "New Style" Forum Bugs

    Stoopid notification won't go away,

    On the image above, it says that a guy posted 3 hours ago yet the last post on there was from two days ago.

    Clicked on the thread like 400 times but It's still showing up.

    Nothing major I guess.

    The world's gone mad.

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