soundcloud links broken?

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    soundcloud links broken?

    i've noticed the last two times i've tried adding a soundcloud clip into my posts they've both messed up and not aloud the song to be played?

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    Re: soundcloud links broken?


    We previously supported the ability to utilise the standard Flash ( embed on SoundCloud. Now that html5 is more widely supported across the web and mobile devices, we've removed the Flash player from the platform completely.

    In more general terms, the Flash format is not being developed any further by Adobe and is causing performance and security issues for many users. It is something that we have discussed with our product team and developers and decided that in order to offer the support and stability needed - it would be best to remove the player altogether.

    You can of course still use the more recent embedded players available through the site.

    I hope this helps to shed some light on this.

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    Re: soundcloud links broken?

    Updated, changed the code over to the HTML5 embedded code and its now working.