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    Re: 2 Suggestions

    No i know what he meant, my question was more-so from the forum's perspective than my own.

    You know what sections you visit, but how is the forum going to know what to show you? I really don't think this is something which should be automated based off most visited, so are you going to have to specify in a setting somewhere which forums you want to see? Has someone even made a mod for that? You need to think these things through and have it researched, don't just float a vague idea and wait for others to look into it - see it through.

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    Re: 2 Suggestions

    It was option by users and was supposed to be a 'test' with the reputation system despite having the like system, i don't really see a point in this as i've said before. I prefer the like system and believe that is enough and if you really care that much about everybody seeing your reputation then so be it, mass private message everyone on the forum, i doubt you'd have enough time to message them all but hey, if you really want to be proud of your reputation more so than the bars (which were implemented instead of a second bar) then so be it. Are you aware that you can see your own reputation by going to 'Settings' and then scrolling down. As i've said before, i wouldn't exactly mind seeing it, but i believe that it's pointless.

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    Re: 2 Suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by Rishwin View Post
    are you going to have to specify in a setting somewhere which forums you want to see?
    This is what comes of ineloquent wording.

    I interpreted it quite differently. This link:-Should show new post in the area you are presently reading... not the entire site.

    I think that's do-able, because of the way the search system works, and because the link currently uses the search.php script. It would have to be coded to take account of the current "/f***/" (that's not censored, they are "wild-cards" ) part of your URL and, preferably, any sub-forums of that forum ID. Then it would have to provide those details to the search script.

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