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Buy / Trade / Sell section , vote now.

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    Re: Buy / Trade / Sell section , vote now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rishwin View Post
    We aren't "other forums" though. By comparison to other forums we literally are a kindergarten, with the large majority of our members not even being in puberty yet. They can't even read the rules properly in the sections we have now, creating more sections isn't the answer to anything.

    Also i think there has to be rules regarding people "auctioning" their stuff. Selling and auctioning are two completely different things, and we definitely do not have the infrastructure for a proper auctioning system. I suggest adding to the rules that only fixed prices are allowed.

    I thought the threads were supposed to be moderated also, doesn't every thread in there need to be given the A-OK by a mod before it appears?
    They do need to be ok'd, but I believe this is only possible as a Supervisor or possibly even higher.

    I really would like to see a rule put in place for random discussion in that sections, as alot of users are posting absolute garbage on sales threads, even after senior staff have removed posts for the same. Then they are complaining when they are asked to stop, if it is a rule, complaining will stop, because it can be enforced as such.

    I entirely agree with Rishwin on auctions, no need or accomadation for them here.

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    Re: Buy / Trade / Sell section , vote now.

    That's what i thought, but if the threads were actually being properly read before being allowed, then those 2 "auction" threads should have never appeared.

    Either they should have been denied, or the person reading it would have thought "hmm, i wonder what our stance on Auctions are?" and then found out from Dan so they could amend the rules. Just simply allowing it seems rather... sloppy.

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