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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

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    RaGEZONE Recommends

    I am in for this, the GTA V scene has recently spiked up. I think this would bring more people to RZ
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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

    I think adding newer (more today's kind of) game sections would benefit the forums. So yeah gta 5 would be a good section to have.

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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

    i support

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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

    I agree, adding modern game forums will bring a whole new community to the section. Providing that people stick by what they say and actually use the section, I'm 100% up for it.

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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

    Quote Originally Posted by Future View Post
    I like the idea. Could be a welcome boost for RZ. It's literally only possible for a few weeks to make GTA 5 servers. Maybe a good time to jump on the train?

    There might not be enough attention yet though or capable developers in that area. So content wise it looks bad for the moment. But again ppl only found out about this a few weeks ago.
    Actually there's been support for quite a while now:


    I've personally already written vehicle management and login scripts. Best of all, it supports multi languages (js, C#, maybe more now). 100% would support this section.
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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

    I would like this.

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    Re: [Create a new section] GTA V Development

    GTA V has arrived: http://forum.ragezone.com/f974/
    @Biesmen get to work!

    Until he gets rules and stuff up, the same rules from GTA: SA Apply.

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