¡Create a Spanish section of forum !

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    config ¡Create a Spanish section of forum !

    Hello all forum of RageZone, i am Thomson404 and have a proposal of create one section of the forum named "Other Languages", and in this section create the sub-section "Spanish/Español", in the forum there are many Latin people, and creating this section would attract many users of that community

    1. in the games 30-40% of the people is of language Spanish or Latin, and have a extensive directory of games whit this characteristics
    2. all release of the English section could be translate for play in other languages.
    3. more activity on the forum and more post whit Release of innovate things

    ¡Please!, create one section of other language, thanks for read.

    Thread created by people of language spanish, and 30% of thread have a Google translate, thanks.
    In the forum there are many latin people