Curious about something....

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    Curious about something....

    I'm noticing more and more people...actually like ALOT of people doing this and wondered if this rule just isn't enforced or it's so minor it's not worth the time to enforce...

    ALOT of members have outside sources advertised AND linked in their signatures....and per Main Forum rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mental
    Signatures, Avatars, and Users Titles
    Signatures should be limited to 150 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width. If images are used they should be no more than 400kB in size. Advertising outside sources is not allowed. You may however link to the threads of valid advertisements on RaGEZONE.
    So what's the deal?

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    Re: Curious about something....

    Report them as you see them please.
    We obviously cannot check every single member's signature.


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    Re: Curious about something....

    i've never had problem with advertising in the sig as long as its not competing with RZ. I've said this so many times now.
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