Drug Discussion Section!

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    Drug Discussion Section!

    We really need a drug discussion section.

    it's all i do man.

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    Re: Drug Discussion Section!

    Outerworld, mental's lair, etc.

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    Re: Drug Discussion Section!

    Quote Originally Posted by Savage View Post
    Outerworld, mental's lair, etc.
    Exactly what I was thinking. Outerworld is basically for anything, even spam now that The Lounge is gone. Just keep the spam to a minimum for the sake of everyone elses' eyes.

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    mental is hot

    This is a true story

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    Re: Drug Discussion Section!

    I repeat, Outerworld, MentaL's Lair, even Debate if it's worthy, these suggestions get less amusing by the day, shame about the good ones being drowned out.

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    Re: Drug Discussion Section!

    You could discuss, just don't put it on offer, policemen will track down MentaL for things what we do.

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    Re: Drug Discussion Section!

    last thing i want is 13 year old junkies on my forum asking how to get high with robotussin, no thanks.
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