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    Re: More Emoticons

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    Every time you post source code, you get to use @DNC

    Works for me. :0)
    If you are talking to someone pretending to be me aka DNC, you're about to be scammed.
    Do not come to this forum complaining that you were scammed; when buying, selling, trading files is against forum rules.
    Don't point a finger at me, I am not talking with anyone.

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    Re: More Emoticons

    Quote Originally Posted by whoami1995 View Post
    The twitch emoticons are shared somewhere to download? i'm looking for them to implement them into my perfect world servers if possible but i havn't found them yet :(

    And yes we want sesame street smileys :-) Cookie monster
    google too stronk :P

    That guy that disappears every few weeks for a few months

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