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    Re: Fake Administrator

    nice one admin :P

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    Re: Fake Administrator

    Good one Mental,one of best April jokes i saw
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    Re: Fake Administrator

    HAHAHAHHA ... it really funny .. happy april fool guys !!
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    hahaha sorry bad website

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    Re: Fake Administrator

    Haha good joke tbh, I knew it was fake because of the admin panel url and the username on the admin cp login. Also i fooled a few buddies with it though.

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    Re: Fake Administrator

    Very funny!! XD haha

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    Re: Fake Administrator

    Quote Originally Posted by madhuz View Post
    You should keep this April Fools Admin thing. It makes people happy I knew it was fake right when i saw it. lmao
    What gave it away?
    Quote Originally Posted by El Jamie View Post
    Happy April Fools day.

    It's a real shame the whole of the Habbo section can say they've been admin at one point.
    Indeed, I used to be part of the elite 3 ever having admin powers on this forum. Oh wait, I still am. ;)

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    Re: Fake Administrator

    Its fun

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    Re: Fake Administrator

    Hahah yaa its funny, But now I myself is getting emails from members thinking that I'm a Admin....

    It's all in good fun, Gives me somthing to do and forward messages to Mental ;)

    Happy April Fool's to everyone.
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