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    front page applications.


    As stated in the news announcement, please use this thread to post your application. Include atleast the following;

    Name; (can just use your first name).
    Writing experience;
    Favourite MMORPG;
    How long have you been browsing ragezone?;
    Ever used wordpress?

    The rest is up to you.

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    Re: front page applications.

    Mental, will this affect any application?
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    Re: front page applications.

    Why would it??
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    Re: front page applications.

    Name; Jordan
    Location; Wales, United Kingdom
    Age; 16
    Writing experience; I'm a decent writer, I have good grammar.
    Favourite MMORPG; Habbo and World Of Warcraft
    How long have you been browsing ragezone?; 2 years (I think, More than a year anyway)
    Ever used wordpress? Yeah, Its easy to use.
    Extras; I like RaGEZONE a lot, And I use to work for psu some time back.
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    Re: front page applications.

    Quote Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
    Why would it??
    Okay, there you go.

    Name : Lenny

    Location : Singapore

    Age : 19

    Writing experience : Wrote my own blog/wordpress and helped others(articles) for a long time.(for a few years) To me, writing is like programming, I will just keep on typing until it's done.

    Favourite MMORPG : Seals Online/Maplestory

    How long have you been browsing ragezone? : Almost a year, but active.

    Ever used wordpress? : Yes, I used it before and is still familiar with it.

    Extras :

    Reason why I would like to be one of the ragezone staffs/article writer
    1. I love RageZONE.
    2. I felt that RageZONE is a great community.
    3. It's an good opportunity, what am I waiting for?
    4. I like some MMORPG like Maplestory, so I could write interesting stories about it.
    5. Sharing is great.
    6. I am happy when I can help people.

    Writing.. will I get bored of it?
    Definitely NO. I am always bored at home and I always want to do something.
    Now you made something like this, I will definitely apply for it.

    What softwares I used for writing?
    Notepad++, Microsoft Word and Notepad.
    For Programming, notepad++, it's almost the same because we are here talking about writing.

    Am I dumb enough to copy and paste everything everytime?
    No, of course not. You said we can, but to me I can't.
    I will always achieve my best by doing my best by my own hands not by copying the whole thing into a post, because others will think that we are either lazy or always tries to depend on others.

    Will I post garbage?
    No. I spent almost a year staying here, posting and laughing, I wouldn't want to be banned.

    Why am I so devoted to RageZONE?
    It's just natural, I felt that RageZONE is somewhere comfortable, where I can chat with all my online friends, unlike other forums, full of craps and lousy administrators.

    No money, no deal?
    Nah, I am not that greedy even though I am human.

    Will I use this opportunity to advertise?
    No, I won't.

    Will this be hard for me?
    I don't think so, it's just sitting on a chair and typing for a few minutes/hours.

    Am I active?
    Yes, I am.(7-9 hours p/d, yes I'm crazy)

    [My last week internet life time table]

    Monday : 6 - 7 Hours

    Tuesday : 7 - 10 Hours

    Wednesday : 7 - 12 Hours

    Thursday : 5 - 6 Hours

    Friday : 7 - 11 Hours

    Saturday : 8 - 11 Hours

    Sunday : 8 - 11 Hours

    Date Joined : March 2010

    Language I'm speaking
    English(Yes, obviously), Japanese(not really) and Chinese(not really).

    Gather information by?
    Searching google.

    Am I mature?
    Yes, of course.

    Position I'm applying for..
    People who writes MMORPG articles/reviews.

    Somethings I would like to say
    Although I'm Singaporean, I know how to speak fluent english, know how to behave well in internet and will not speak Singlish like normal Singaporeans in internet.(last time I do, but now I don't) Yes, I got A's for my English before and I communicate with my friends in English(frequently) and type in English. Right now, I'm 19, I know how matured teenagers behave and I will not give any excuses if I done something wrong or made a mistake in the articles/reviews. I am willing to accept the punishment given.

    How many articles can I write in a day?
    If you ask me, I can write up to hundreds or lesser in a day.

    Contact me by..
    Oh no, it's a secret. PM me for it :D(MSN, Skype or anything! Just PM me and I will either register or login :O)

    That's all for my application, hope you will like it
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    Re: front page applications.

    Goodluck. ;)
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    Re: front page applications.

    Guys, What I requested was a bare minimum, at least put additional details, use your brain.
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    Re: front page applications.

    Well infact:

    Name; Jesse
    Location; The Netherlands
    Age; 18
    Writing experience; Plenty, I've worked at ActiveGamer, DPad and UGR.
    Favourite MMORPG; World of Warcraft
    How long have you been browsing ragezone?; As guest I've been browsing since 2009, ever since last month I decided to register up.
    Ever used wordpress? Yes, at DPad.
    Do you write english fluenty? I can say my grammar and spelling are pretty accurate.
    Why you? I have a passion for writing and games. So this is for me the perfect opportunity to start working as content publisher again.
    How do you gather your news? I am active on most game developers site's, playstation sites, xbox sites, etc.

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    Re: front page applications.

    Name; Alex.

    ;Constanta, Romania

    Age; 18.

    Writing experience; Close to none.

    Favourite MMORPG; CABAL Online/ AION.

    How long have you been browsing ragezone?; A bit over a year, although I only lurked in the past.

    Ever used wordpress?; No, I haven't.

    Additional Information:
    Level of english : High

    Examples of articles written by me.:
    Vindictus | I've written that game review after reading many things about the game on other websites, watching videos, because, unfortunately, I couldn't try it due to region Block.

    Battle of the Immortals ,Closed beta went live
    Simple article about a game entering the CB phase.

    Contact Data: MSN (Pm me for it please..)

    What is the reason I decided to apply? : I want to try doing something different for a change, being a news writer sounds interesting.
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    Re: front page applications.

    good luck to everyone

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    Re: front page applications.

    Keep them coming, I'm not going to restrict the news directly to age because if you are crediting sources then it should all be good to go, but obviously you need to be mature.
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    Re: front page applications.

    Name; Dawson Byrd, I know my forum name is SO unoriginal

    Location; British Columbia, Canada

    Age; 18

    Writing experience; Years of no-lifing the online scene, writing up announcements and spending far too many hours in IRC. Sure this isn't exactly experience in this field, but it greatly improves my skill overall; in any medium of writing. Although I did write a blog when MySpace was the hip thing to do!~

    Oh, and I used to write original content for 4chans /x/(paranormal) :] As no one likes copy pasta over and over again. Some OC is always nice.

    Favourite MMORPG; Lineage II

    How long have you been browsing RaGEZONE?; I've been browsing on and off since early in '09 finally registered earlier this year.

    Ever used wordpress?; I've mucked around with it, and pretty much every other web script out there o.o; I can't say I'm a guru at it, but I know how to work it, yes.

    Online Gaming Experience; This isn't as important as the whole writing thing but someone who's actually been around the block is probably a good choice.

    I started quite young in the whole online gaming. Way back in the Delta Force games making clan write-ups and clan application forms for a clan back in Delta Force Joint Task force (Funfunfun!). From there I got xbox live on it's release date and joined the at the time, largest Halo 2 Organized Clan; KoG (Currently am a member of it's 18+ division now that it's many years later and I'm many years older XGC) Quickly gained rank there and got to the point where again my writing skills were used.

    The whole FPS scene by then got boring to me and I moved onto MMORPG's I hopped around from a ton of free MMO's like most 13 year olds do, finally around 14-15 I found Lineage II and started paying for a MMO, regularly and I've been hooked on L2 ever since. 'dabbled in tons of other games like WoW, and Guild Wars, even Evercrack(Huhuhu) so I've been around the block on the whole Gaming scene

    Previous things I've done around RZ; I've made posts spanning almost all categories, I mean this doesn't make me better than anyone else. It simply re-enforces the fact that I enjoy RaGEZONE as a whole and the others here that do, like myself. Would I'm sure be glad to see up to date gaming news in addition to the server development discussion and the crazy topics that quite often pop up in other places.

    English Experience;
    AP Senior English
    and a Senior Creative Writing class.

    Do I speak my mind in as I write?; Of course I do, part of being a good writer is putting emotion into it as it makes a huge difference in the writing quality, reading something that someone has put no effort or emotion into is quite dull; but when someone gets creative and puts their effort and self into their writing it quite often becomes FAR better to read.

    Online activity level; After a full days work, I just want to go home and relax. Which quite often means lounging in front of the computer wasting away time anyway, so instead of wasting that time it could easily be put towards a role like this.

    Best of luck to everyone else who applies.

    Oh, and even though you can quite easily find contact information via my profile page, or even contact there just so it's easier to grab a hold of if needed...

    skype; DawsonByrd
    And of course, my RZ profile page or PM's
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    Re: front page applications.

    Name: Isaac

    Location: France

    Age: 14

    Writing experience: Although my writing experience cannot be considered professional, I write like a professional, without a doubt. I have written short stories, long stories, news updates, etc, etc. I abide by rules, but won't promise anything exceptional.

    Favourite MMORPG: I don't actually play MMOs; I check development on a few, but I only actually develop on MapleStory. I am most serious about MapleStory development.

    How long have you been browsing ragezone?: I won't tell lies; Though I joined a while back, I was hugely inactive until I think about two months back. My activity isn't anything to be proud of, but I swear I check back multiple times every day.

    Ever used wordpress?: No. Blunt and straight to the point. I have never written a blog, or used wordpress.

    Extra: I'm having second thoughts about this. It's a commitment I'm not even sure I want to make. I can get really busy at times, and my family travels a lot. Also, I won't polish my opinion to make me seem like a good choice; I think RageZone needs work. The site? Great. The layout? Fine. The community? Oh crap. There are trolls, noobs, leechers, flamers... You know what, I think I'll just end it here.

    Have a nice day.

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    Re: front page applications.

    Name; Thomas (Tom)

    Location; South-Western England

    Age; 15

    Writing experience; None online, but school work. I have good grammar and spelling. As my primary language is English, I am better than anyone who is from a different Country, and as Ragezone is an English speaking community, I believe it is important to pick someone who is fluent in English.

    Favourite MMORPG; Habbo Hotel - Just because it was the first MMO I ever played, and it's the only one I have ever really stuck too.

    How long have you been browsing ragezone?; I have been browsing Ragezone for over 2 years, as I registered in August 2008.

    Ever used WordPress? I have used WordPress for my short-lived blog. I learnt how to do the basic stuff - Post topics, moderate comments, upload skins and plugins etc. I am not expert with it, but I know all the basic skills and I am willing to learn new things that may be given to me as a task.

    Languages Spoken: Only English. I speak little French which is all stuff I have learnt in the classroom - which is pretty irrelevant as it was colours, numbers and stuff like that.

    Previous Experiences; I have no previous experiences with any positions like this. I have never been a news writer. I have applied for positions like the one that I am applying for now, but I have never been accepted.

    Contact details; If you wanted to contact me for any reason, please leave me a PM and I will reply as quickly as possible.

    Other relatated notes: I am a generally active user, logging in almost every day after school. I spend quite a lot of my free time on Ragezone, just catching up with everything that has happened during the day in relevant sections. I decided to apply for this position as I need something to fill my free time. I do think that it will be quite a cool experience. I would never steal anyone else's work, and if I used another source, then i would always give credits to the creator of the source and would make sure that it was clearly shown within the website.

    I would just like to add:
    Good Luck to everyone who applies!Except the noobs who can't spell properly.
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    Re: front page applications.

    Name: Cobe

    Location: USA

    Age: 14

    Writing experience: I have a lot of experience. I am very big on grammar, so I make sure to always get everything right. I have had my own blog built on WordPress. I've also done articles for "hotels".

    Favorite M.M.O.R.P.G.: My favorite M.M.O.R.P.G is definitely Habbo. It is that way because I was drawn to it in 2004 and it immediately caught my eye. Right around the end of last year/start of this year I learned to program a bit of Habbo protocol. I really enjoy to "Role-Play" and program role play emulators.

    How long have you been browsing RaGEZONE?: I have lurked in 2008. From there I made an account in 2009 (FreshKickzCobe). I then decided to make another account (this one). I hope to stay for MANY years.

    Ever used WordPress: I have used WordPress when handling my own blog. I believe i'm well experience enough to handle this awesome job. I know how to install plugins, install new skins, post with correct use of the "BB Codes".


    Why do you want to join?
    1. I love RaGEZONE
    2. I have HIGH respect for RaGEZONE
    3. I've always wanted to work for RaGEZONE
    4. I think I would be perfect for the job

    Contact information?
    You can reach me at
    That is the email I use for MSN.

    Languages spoken
    I am a bit bi-lingual.
    My main language is English. I can also speak a bit of Spanish, and little French(more than Spanish)

    Times available
    Monday to Thursday : 3:10PM - 10:40PM;
    Friday : 3:10PM - "Any";
    Saturday : "Any" - "Any";
    Sunday : "Any" - 10:40PM;

    Good luck with choosing the best!
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