[New game section] 4Story

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    [New game section] 4Story

    [New game section] 4Story
    Hi all,

    @AnthonyX released a Taiwanese version of 4Story a few days ago. I've been working long and hard to translate it to English and finally managed to get the server and client to behave fully in English.

    Existing TW topic - http://forum.ragezone.com/f857/relea...client-1130180

    What is 4Story?

    4Story is essentially a Chinese version of WoW. Grinding, MMORPG, corny dialogue and slightly outdated mechanics (it has a Scissors, Paper, Rock minigame?? What...). I'd need more time to determine potential, but thus far everything has been playing quite well.

    Why have a section for it?

    Currently the Taiwanese release is in MMORPG Extra Releases. I want to release the English server files and compatible client I have been working on for about 30 hours this week, along with editors I found, and the 4Story logo I've edited in Photoshop to allow editing. This means the game is pretty open to experimenting right now. The editors will allow making quests, adding NPCs, spawning mobs, renaming items, etc. The only thing we don't have are 3D editors for the models and textures.

    Who will moderate the section?

    Given I currently moderate C9, which didn't even HAVE editors, I'd be happy to moderate this section as well and help manage its growth. No guarantees it'll be a massive section, but if C9 managed to get one on the back of a single release without editors, surely this deserves a shot at benefiting our community.

    If a section won't be created, that's fine, I'll just release it all into MMORPG Extra Releases in one long topic file. I just thought it should have a shot.

    Thanks to you all for reading.
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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    @fallenfate you have my vote
    ..would be nice.
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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    Worth or not, you have my vote

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    Wasn't there a 4story section a long time ago? The source has been released too iirc. I still have it somewhere on my drives. If so, then it's a no from me. Since the section got removed (if) for a good reason. Namely inactivity then.

    I remembered correctly.

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    If theres some good content for the section that can be released, we might beable to get some development going for it. So i'm all for having a section created. Can't hurt right?
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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    I'm loving how more section ideas are showing up now but this I will defiantly vote for it's a yes from me.

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    You have my vote too. Yes.

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    This should upvote for a section for the game ;)


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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    My Vote i like this game :)

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    You have my vote too

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story


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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    You have my vote.

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    Re: [New game section] 4Story

    There is a new section for 4story now. http://forum.ragezone.com/f986/

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