Habbo Releases - Asking For Help.

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    Habbo Releases - Asking For Help.

    Hey everyone,

    For those who are active on the Habbo Hotel Section will recognize this:
    People are always asking for help in the release thread.
    When you read the rules you will see:
    - http://forum.ragezone.com/f353/notic...ction-1000881/
    [RULES] Habbo Hotel - Releases Section Rules - 25/02/2016 :
    - "Asking for help in a release thread is not allowed. Create a thread here."
    We have a Habbo Help section for this but people are still asking for help in the release thread.

    My Idea:

    Send the people a PM/warning when they post help in the release section so they will post it correct next time.
    And place in the PM:
    • A link to the help section.
    • A link to the rules.

    I hope this will solve the problem a little bit but it is realy a plague now.
    Release topics need to be closed because there is so much spam.

    Please post below if you think this is a good idea or not.

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    Re: Habbo Releases - Asking For Help.

    Whenever a post gets deleted moderators will put a brief description of the reason it gets deleted. If that description states that "Asking for help in a release thread is not allowed" I think it is clear to the person that they are posting the wrong section and should post in the help section (Again as stated in the rules which you agree with upon posting in the HH section)

    If the moderator is in a good day they can also move that specific post to its own thread in the help section though this rarely happens.
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    Re: Habbo Releases - Asking For Help.

    My thoughts on the moderation side of things is, are the same people repeatedly doing it even after deleting or moving the threads?

    Repeat offenders should receive punishments after a set amount of warnings.....if the moderation team in that section is not keeping track of things and allowing repeat offenders without any kind of reprisal then there is a problem in the moderation team.

    If it is random people and not repeat offenders maybe making it only possible to post in a release section after a set amount of posts can alleviate the issue? Not a lot of posts...say 10, 20 tops? Anyone making a release should have the knowledge of what they are releasing and could possibly help others in those posts before releasing....or it could hurt the community because some releases might get lost...

    Just an idea.

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    Re: Habbo Releases - Asking For Help.

    People are warned and infracted. In the end the punishment upon which the user receives comes down to the decision of the staff member handling the post. Not the person who reports it @Sir Jamal
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    Re: Habbo Releases - Asking For Help.

    couldn't have said it better than @FatalLulz the mods send a reason in the thread deletion and are getting infractions. You don't see this as a member, but staff who have power in the sections can see this.